૮₍˶Ó﹏Ò ⑅₎૮₍˶Ó﹏Ò ⑅₎ა ૮₍˶Ó﹏Ò ⑅₎ ⑅₎ა ა
This website might take a while before it's completely finished!! I was and still am pretty confused on how most coding works! I have no idea for when this website will be completely finished... and if anyone can give me tips on how to code, that will be very appreciated!! - On how I got into coding was basically from curiosity and seeing it from others I am close to! It was difficult finding a website that would help me the most until a loved one introduced me to this website. I am more understanding on how to code, but still very confused with how everything works. But with patients and maybe some help, I will soon understand more with coding! And possibly more then just coding.